Never Hide Overlay on Media



Each element (like overlays and covers) can be animated. Due to the Animation Direction you can decide whenever you wish to show or hide on Mouse Hover. In case you don’t wish to animate the elements, but always show them (can be set separately element by element) simple choose the “none” direction for this.


How To Show one Element always, but animate all other elements on the Media ?

  • Edit the Skin where you wish to change the modification, or create a new skin.
  • Add new Layers, or simple select the one you wish to always show
  • Choose Animation in the Layer Settings
  • Set The Animation “transition” to “none”

This element will not be animated and it will be shown always.


I made this but my Element still only shows on hover only?

Essential Grid allows you to animate elements separately and also grouped. For some very special transitions you can group covers and overlays and animate them in one go, which allows you to make very dynamic animation sequences. In case one of your elements should be always visible you will need to deactivate the Group Animations like shown here: