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If your slider's Layer content is not positioned or sized correctly, this can be fixed with a few settings adjustments.


1. Enable Responsive Breakpoints

Breakpoint: OFF = The slider and all its content will simply scale (i.e. “zoom”) in and out when the browser window is resized.

Breakpoint: ON = Creates CSS Media Queries, which allow you to resposition/resize your content for that particular breakpoint.

And then your Layers can be repositioned and resized for each of the enabled Breakpoints.

2. Layer Positioning

Make sure your content is always placed INSIDE the Layers Grid canvas.

3. Adjust the Layer Alignment

Layer Area = The content will always be confined to the Layers Grid area.

Scene =The content will be positioned based on the entire size of the slider.

3. Responsive Offsets

OFF = The content’s position will always honor the exact numbers you’ve chosen for your X/Y offsets.

ON = The content’s X/Y offsets will adjust themselves accordingly as the Module resizes.

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