Import Files – New and Old Format

Since the Slider Revolution has changed the Import Functions in Version 4.1.x we have two different art of Import files.

Both Files are zipped first, however based on the content of those Compressed files you will need to choose how you import the file.



Is the Exported file before version 4.1.x or after 4.1.x ?


1. Old Version:

It will contain only a txt and a css file. In this case please import the txt file and copy paste the CSS content to the Global Styles of the Slider.

The Result

You will get the Slider Structure as new Slider, but no images will be imported.


2. New Version:

It will contain images, txt files, css files etc. If the zip contains the slider_export.txt file, it is the new version and you can import the ZIP file straight.

The Result

You will get the Slider as it was before exporting it. Animations, custom animations, all css related to this slider, captions, images etc. will all be imported again.