Images not Loading on Front-End

Enable Lazy Loading to solve common image loading issues



Sometimes when this happens, it’s due to a third-party plugin that deploys “Lazy Load” functionality globally throughout the site. Plugins such as CloudFare that are meant to speed up your site or improve page load performance usually include some type of “Lazy Loading”. Here’s a good article that explains how “Lazy Loading” works.


As described in the linked article above, “Lazy Loading” essentially means changing the “src” attribute to something very small (like a 1×1 image), and then storing the image’s real url in a “data” attribute. Unfortunately, when another plugin changes the “src” attribute of the images used inside Slider Revolution, the slider isn’t able to load the image properly. However, because the slider includes its own built-in version of “Lazy Loading”, enabling this option will almost always solve the problem.


Slider’s main settings page -> Performance & SEO Optimization -> Smart