How to install Visual Editor on Local Computer using MAMP

You can install Visual Editor on your personal computer. First you need to sett up a local server environment.

  • If you install Visual Editor locally on your computer, then the only person who can see that site is you.
    If you want to have a live Visual Editor site available over the internet, then you need to have
    a Domain and Web hosting

What is MAMP?

My Apache – MySQL – PHP. MAMP is One-click-solution for setting up your personal webserver. It comes free of charge, and is easily installed. MAMP will not compromise any existing Apache installation already running on your system. You can install Apache, PHP and MySQL without starting a script or having to change any configuration files!

Installing MAMP on your PC

First thing you need to do is go to MAMP website and download latest version. You can check requirements on download page. Once you have downloaded WampServer, run the installation program and follow on-screen instructions. If you have any questions please check MAMP Documentation.


Once you are done with the installation, launch MAMP webserver. You might get security alert on Windows during first time run. You will need to allow access for mysql and apache in Windows Firewall.


Setting Up a Database for Editor

  1. Open “http://localhost/MAMP” in your browser.
  2. Under MYSQL section you can see mysql access info ( host, user and password )
  3. Click on “phpMyAdmin” link
  4. Create new database


Installing Visual Editor

  1. Download Visual Editor package from Codecanyon
  2. Unzip it


  1. Copy contents of [package]/revslider-standalone to MAMP document root folder. By default MAMP store website files in C:\MAMP\htdocs. You can find it by Checking Preferences > Web Server in the MAMP Preferences Panel.


  1. Open “http://localhost/” in your browser. It should start install process.
  2. Enter Database info on step 2 ( refer to “Setting Up a Database for Editor” section for the info )
  3. Create admin user.
  4. Login to Visual Editor Admin


  1. Enter Visual Editor purchase code to receive updates
  2. Enter Slider Revolution Jquery purchase code to install Jquery Addon for Editor