How to add a semi-transparent overlay

Slider Revolution has a built in option for dotted overlays, which can be added to the slider itself of any given video.
But if you'd like a solid colored overlay, this can easily be achieved with the Shape Layer option.

1. From the slide editor, select "Shape" from the "Add Layer" menu:

2. Next, select a background color/opacity for the Shape and enable the "Full Width" and "Full Height" options:

  • Quick Tip: Want to change the background color/opacity after adding it to the Slide?
    If so, these can be adjusted from the slider's Advanced Styles section.

3. Next, with the Shape Layer selected, set the Layer's Vertical & Horizontal Align to "top" and "left", and its "x" and "y" options to "0".

4. Next, from "Advanced Styles -> Hover", set the "Pointer Events" option to "none":

This will ensure that any potential Layers placed behind the overlay will still be clickable.

5. Next, set the Layer's "Behavior > Align" option to "Slide Based"

This will ensure that the transparent overlay always covers the entire Slide.

6. Next, set the newly added overlay to display behind all the other layers:

7. And finally, snap the Layer's timeline to the end of the slide: