How to add a custom restart button for videos in Slider Revolution

This article will show you how to add a custom restart button for Videos in Revolution Slider by using the Slider's Video API
Click Here to Learn More about the Slider’s Video API

Layer Actions can be used to create custom controls such as play, pause, mute and unmute. In the following example, we'll show you how to restart a video for each of the 3 video types available in Slider Revolution

Step 1 - Create a Video Layer and insert a Button Layer that will be used to restart the Video.
Step 2 - Create a "Callback" Layer Action on the button layer and insert the function name below into the textbox provided.

Step 3 - Navigate to the custom CSS/JS of the slider and insert the code below into the JS section.
  • Important Note:
    Change the "revapi1" part in the JS code below with your slider's ID. Check out this linkthat shows you where to find your slider's ID.