Grid content only shows up on Hover

Is your grid content only showing up on hover? But you want it to always be displayed by default?
Continue reading for tips on how this can be accomplished.

Inside the grid’s Item Skin Editor, you’ll see multiple “Drop Zones” for the skin’s canvas:

The dark area in the screenshot to the right represents the area where the grid’s main media image will be displayed.   If your content is meant to be shown on top of this dark area, such as “Drop Zone #1” or “Drop Zone #2”, and you’d like this content to appear without a hover, click here.

Otherwise, if your content is meant to be displayed above or below the grid’s main media image (as shown in the first screenshot above), you’ll need a “Masonry” layout.  To apply a “Masonry” layout, head over to your grid’s main setting page as shown in the screenshot below.

Now that we’ve applied a “Masonry” layout to the grid, the screenshot below shows what our original grid would look like.  Notice the text content beneath the main image is always visible without a hover.

Special Note:

A common question when “Masonry” is used is how the grid can still maintain an “even” look.  The easiest way to accomplish this is to crop your images in Photoshop so they’re all the same size.  But if that isn’t possible, click here to learn how this can be accomplished.