Google Analytics Event Tracking for Slider Revolution

Track your Slider Revolution clicks with Google Analytics

  • Quick Tip:
    Already have your GA tracking code installed and your slider links setup? Skip to step #3.

1. Setup your Google Analytics account for your site

If you’re reading this article, chances are you already have Google Analytics (GA) setup for your site.  But if not, here are a few good places to start for setting up GA for your WordPress site:

Getting Started with Google Analytics:

WordPress Plugin to connect your GA Account to your site:

2. Hyperlink your Slides and/or Layers

3. Add the "ga-button" class to your hyperlinks.

If hyperlinking an entire Slide:
If hyperlinking a single content Layer:

This code does not need to be modified (straight copy and paste)

Track Outbound Links:

Track All Slide Changes: