Find and Edit “Hidden” Content from Slider Templates

Many templates use Actions to display additional content.
The following guide will show you where this content can be found for editing.

1. Import a Template

2. Visit the Slide Editor

3. Select the button item that reveals the hidden content.

4. Review the Layer's Actions

When the “Learn More” button is clicked inside the Slider, the “Actions” shown below is what animates the additional content into view.

5. Setup the admin stage visibility for the additional content

This will effectively “swap” the admin stage’s display from the default content to the additional content (what’s shown when the “Learn More” button is clicked).

First, hide all of the currently visible Layers from view.

The “eye” icon will toggle the Layer’s visibility, and the “lock” icon will help prevent certain Layers from being selected/edited by accident.

  • Disambiguation:
    Toggling the visibility here with the "eye" icon is for editing purposes only. It will not control the Layer's visibility from the slider's frontend view.
Next, enable the visibility and unlock the Layers shown in the additional content.

For this example, all of the additional content Layer names start with the word “Detail”.  So these are the Layers we will reactivate in the editor.  Then once this is done, the stage will be transformed for the new view!

Default Editing Stage:
Transformed Editing Stage:

6. Edit the additional content