“Film Strip” Slider Example

A carousel-style slider where the Layer content is always visible.
Uses the Premium Team Slider template as a converted example, but can be setup for any given slider.

Setup Instructions:

  • Important Note:
    The example here is a specialized slider that requires the regular animations to be turned off.
1. Create a new Slider with a "Standard Slider" slider-type.
2. Disable Autoplay for the Slider (not mandatory but recommended).
3. Enable Touch Swiping Navigation (will also enable mouse-drag/drop functionality on desktop).
4. Enable Left/Right Key and Mouse-Wheel Navigation Controls
5. Set the Slide Animation to "No Transition" for each of your Individual Slides.
6. Set the Animation for all content Layers to "No Animation" for both the start and end settings.
7. Add the following CSS to the slider's Custom CSS section.

Edit the scrollbar colors toward the top of the CSS if desired:
8. Add the following JavaScript to the slider's Custom JavaScript section.

Edit the "revapi" part toward the top with your slider's ID number, and also enable/disable the optional scrollbar.