Failure at Loading: revolution.extention…

If this error is showing up in your browser's console, chances are your web page is loading more than one copy of jQuery.
The easiest way to verify this is to test for the conflict.

If you’re experiencing this error, it will show up in your browser’s web console like this:

On the surface the error is a bit tricky to debug, as the scripts that “failed” to load almost always technically exist.  For example, if you copied the script’s url and pasted it into the browser’s address bar, it would load normally.  But here’s a quick breakdown of why they fail in this particular case…

Slider Revolution has a special “smart-loading” system for scripts.  The way it works is the core scripts are always loaded by default, but then for anything fancy such as video or the parallax feature, scripts for these additional features are only loaded if the slider is actually using them.

This logic processing happens on the front-end, and the scripts are loaded asynchronously via Ajax.  However, the Ajax request fails when the browser experiences JavaScript errors elsewhere.

The common reason for this is sometimes a plugin or theme will decide to include its own copy of jQuery, which almost always causes issues with other plugins who follow WordPress best practices by just using the standard jQuery already packaged with WordPress.

I've tested for conflicts and have identified the culprit. What should I do now?

Make sure everything is updated:

  1. Is WordPress updated to the latest version?
  2. Maybe your theme has an update available?
  3. Maybe your plugin(s) need to be updated?

Contact our support center with the following information

  1. Name of plugin(s) or theme that is conflicting
  2. Information about where the problem occurs (specific part of admin? or maybe frontend of your site?)