Essential Grid New Features and Updates

1. FancyBox 3 Lightbox

Display a Slider Revolution, Essential Grid, SoundCloud & iFrame inside a lightbox.
Deeplinking or share a lightbox content. Insert a group name and target a specific Lightbox content using a hyperlink. Example

Additional Features with Lightbox Toolbar Buttons.
New Lightbox content animations

2. New Icon Fonts

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The option to enable Font-Awesome or Stroke 7 Icons can be found inside the Global Settings

3. New Source Type

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The NextGen Gallery and Real Media Library grid sources will be displayed on the "Sources" when installed.

4. Like(heart) Post

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Insert a new text layer into the Item Skin Editor and select "Link To" > "Like Post"
Select "Text/HTML" as the source and insert the meta handler "%likespost%"

5. New Social Share Feature

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Select the social share link in "Link To" dropdown and choose a "Link Target"

6. Replace a post Featured Image with an Essential Grid.

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Edit a post and select a grid in the "Featured Grid" option.

7. Filter Deeplinking Functionality

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Navigate to Nav-Filter-Sort tab and enable the "Deep Linking" feature
Target the filter name directly on the URL. Example :

8. "No Filter Match" Feature.

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Enabling this option in the Global Settings allows you to display a text when "No Filter Matches" the current grid sources.
  • Quick Note:
    Normally filter selections would always return a result, but if you are using multiple Filter Groups with "AND" set for the Category Relation this custom message will be displayed to the user.

9. Max Posts in Preview option for large blogs

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In the "Sources" tab, the "Maximum Posts Preview" option allows you to limit the number of grids to be loaded/displayed in the Editor / Preview area.

10. Essential Grid Skin Template Library

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To access the Essential Grid Skin Template Library, navigate to the Import/Export Page and locate the "Download Fresh Skin" button.