Double Lightbox

If you’re getting a “double-lightbox” for your Grid Items, it means your theme or another plugin is automatically connecting its default lightbox to all hyperlinks on the page with an image/video url.

The best solution is to disable this theme behaviour if possible. Otherwise, here’s a few things you can do to try and solve the conflict:



1. Try one of the three scripts listed below.

Each script can be placed in the Grid’s “API/JavaScript” section (only paste one script at a time and test to see if it works).



2. Disable the Grid’s lightbox, and just use the theme’s built-in lightbox.

First, create a Custom Meta Data as shown in the following screenshot (WP Menu -> Esg Grid -> Custom Meta)



Next, visit the Item Skin Editor, and use the settings shown in the following screenshot:



Finally, add the url of the image you’d like to load into the post’s “Essential Grid Custom Settings” section, as shown in the following screenshot: