Display custom content when a video ends in Slider Revolution

For this example, we'll hide a Layer initially, and then show it when the slide's video ends.
Click Here to Learn More about the Slider’s Video API

Step 1 - Add a Video Layer to the slide.

The video can be set as the slide's main background or it could be added as a Video Layer

Step 2 - Add some custom content to show or hide when the video ends.

This can be any type of Layer, but for this example we'll use a simple button layer

Step 3 - Add a Layer Action to show/hide the Layer

For this example, we'll show the Layer on video end, but you could also hide a Layer. Click here to learn more.

Step 4 - Insert the class name below into the Layer Attributes

Step 5 - Navigate to the custom CSS/JS of the slider and insert the code below into the JS section.

  • Important Note:
    Change the "revapi1" part in the JS code below with your slider's ID. Check out this link that shows you where to find your slider's ID.