Deep Linking for Advanced Sliders

For sliders such as the Web Product Light demo, you can add deep-linking functionality using the slider's API along with some custom JavaScript.

1. Visit your slider's API section, and make note of your slider's "API Name".

2. Paste the following code into your slider's Custom JavaScript section, and then continue to #3 below for code editing instructions.

3. Edit the "Settings Section" in the code.

In the custom script at the top you’ll see a “Begin Settings Section” and also an “End Settings Section” comment.

This is the only part of the script that needs to be edited.

The first part of the script to edit is this line:

Replace the “revapi3” part with whatever API Name is being used for your slider (see #1 above).

The second part of the script to edit is the “hashes” part:

This is essentially a list of hash names that are each assigned a slide number.

For example, given the list above, using the “examples” hash as shown in the url below would load slide #2.