Customize Grid Item Order through Meta Data

To sort your grid items by meta data from your theme or another plugin, check out this FAQ.

To sort by a new Custom Meta, first visit the plugin’s “Meta Data Handling” page:



Then in the “Custom Meta” tab, click “Add New Meta”:


In the above screenshot:

  1. Name: Can be anything you choose
  2. Handle: The slug to be used for the new meta. Avoid using spaces or special characters.
  3. Type: Choose “Text” for this example.
  4. Sort Type: Can be “Alphabetic” or “Numeric”. We’ll used “Numeric” for this example.


Next, visit your posts and fill out the meta data value as shown in the following screenshot. For this example, we’ll be sorting by a number assigned to the post. So to have this post show up first in our grid, we’ll enter “1” into our newly created meta field:



After you’ve assigned numbers to your posts as shown in the above example, visit the “Nav-Filter-Sort” section in your grid’s main settings page:



And then scroll to the “Sorting” section, and choose the name of the new custom meta. For our example, we named our custom meta “Sort Value”, so we’ll choose that: