Creating Numbered Bullets with the Navigation Editor

Create a new Custom Navigation Style for Numbered Bullets.
A general example for creating any type of custom navigation for your sliders.

1. Create a new Custom Navigation Style.

1.1 From the plugin's Navigation Editor, scroll to the "Custom" style, and click the "Duplicate" button:
1.2 Scroll to the top, and click "Bullets -> Edit" for the new "Custom-2" Navigation style.
1.3 Next, from the "Editing" section, from "Actions -> Parameters", select "Parameter 1".
1.4 Next, paste the following CSS into the very bottom of the CSS editor.

1.5 Then click the save button.

2. Assign the new Navigation Style to your Slider.

2.1 Enable "Bullets" in your slider's navigation, and choose "Custom-2" for the style

3. Add the numbers to each individual slide.

3.1 From "Slide Info", enter the slide's number into the "Parameter 1" section: