How to create a Support Ticket

This article will guide you through creating a Support Ticket in our Support Center
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  • Important Note:
    All created tickets are automatically set to private and the login credentials shared are secured in secure fields

Step 1 : Visit our Support Center at and Login to your Envato Account.

  • Important Note:
    Please login to the Envato account which was used to purchase our product.

Step 2 : Click "Approve" to proceed.

Step 3 : Click "Next" to continue.

Step 4 : Select the product for which you like to have support.

  • Important Note:
    If your purchase is not displayed, it might take a few hours for the purchase data to refresh in the system. You may somehow contact us via our email at [email protected] for urgent cases.

Step 5 : Insert your ticket subject and describe your problem in the text box provided.

Step 6 : Share your Website login information

  • Important Note:
    Please share your WordPress Login Password and FTP Password on the next page in "Secure Information" section.

Step 7 : Share your Secure Login Information