Create a “Featured Posts” Slider

Create a post-based slider populated with your blog's Sticky Posts
Probably the easiest way to setup a "Latest News" slider for your clients' website

1. Setup your post-based slider with some default options.

  • Leave the category/tag selections empty to pull in all Stick Posts.
    Or select some categories/tags to restrict Sticky Posts to those selections.

2. Add the following code to your theme's "functions.php" file.

3. Choose which posts will be pulled into the slider

Visit one of your posts, and select "Edit" from the "Publish -> Visibility" section.
Then choose "Stick this post to the front-page" to tag the post as a "Sticky".
  • Quick Note:
    Unless your website is already setup to display posts on its homepage, designating a post as a "Sticky" like this will not effect your current homepage content (aside from the possible "Sticky Post" slider that you may be adding with this tutorial).