Create a Quick Slider based on a WP Media Gallery

1. Create a Slider from the plugin's admin

The slider you create will be used as a “Settings Template” for the final slider.  Then each media gallery image you’ve chosen will be shown as its own individual slide.

Click here to learn about creating a new slider.  In addition, choose “Default Slider” as the slider’s main content source a shown below.

2. Add the slider's shortcode to your page.

3. Alter the slider's shortcode markup to have a closing bracket.

So our shortcode would now be written like this:

[rev_slider alias="my-first-slider"][/rev_slider]
  • Quick Note:
    Because we'll be copying and pasting shortcode text directly, before adding your WP Media Gallery, switch to the content editor's Text tab (aka "Text Editor").

5. Finally, place the gallery's shortcode between the slider shortcode.

[rev_slider alias="my-first-slider"][gallery ids="49,48,42,41"][/rev_slider]