Carrying Over Custom CSS Styles when Duplicating a Skin

Some skins contain special custom effects such as a circled image, grayscale filter, etc.
The following will discuss how these custom styles can be carried over when skins that contain these special effects are duplicated.

1. From the Item Skin Editor, duplicate the skin:

2. The duplicated skin will normally be named "Item Skin 1". Click the last pagination number, and then click the "Edit Skin" icon for the duplicated skin.

3. Rename the skin to whatever you like, and then make note of the "Class Prefix" that gets automatically generated.

4. Click "Save Skin" to save the skin's new name and Class Prefix, and then click the "CSS Editor" button:

5. Scroll to where the custom CSS is listed for the skin you duplicated, and duplicate this CSS.

6. Replace the previous skin's Class Prefix (in this example, ".eg-harding-") with the duplicated skin's Class Prefix. Then click the "Save Changes:" button.