Blank Theme Page for Full Screen Sliders

Use Revolution Slider for your entire website by hiding all other page elements from the TwentyFifteen or TwentySixteen theme.

This tutorial is meant for when you want your entire website to be just one page, where all of the site’s content is included in a Revolution Slider.

To accomplish this, we’ll use TwentyFifteen or Twenty Sixteen child themes.

1. Install and activate the TwentyFifteen (or TwentySixteen) theme

3. Upload and install the Child-Themes

4. Finally, add the slider's shortcode to your homepage.

  • Want to use another theme?
    The CSS used in this article may also work for a theme other than TwentyFifteen, but chances are it will need to be modified further. For assistance with this, your best option is to check out Envato Studio, and a developer there can help you to modify the theme you wish to use 🙂