Add My Own Post Based Content to Essential Grid?

Essential Grid allows you to create your own Custom Meta boxes, which you can edit post by post individual, to bring some Add-On information to your grid.

To Create your Custom Meta Data simple create your Meta boxes in the Essential Grid / Custom Meta Menu shown here.



Image 1



How to add and edit my Metas ?

  • Select Essential Grid / Custom Meta Menu (image 1)
  • Add a new Meta (image 2)
  • Select Meta Handle, Description, Default Value and Type (image 2)
  • The Type of Meta can be “Text”, Image or “Select Box” based (image 2)
  • Once you created the Meta data, you can edit the values post by post individual (image 3)
  • To reference on a Meta in a Skin you can choose the Content Source in the Skin shown (image 4)


Image 2



Image 3



Image 4