Lightbox Options

Essential Grid's Lightbox has been updated.

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Open content assigned to a Grid Item inside the Lightbox.

1.1 Post-based Grids
Image Options
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1. Featured Image
2. Alternative Image
3. First Content Image
Custom Gallery
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If a post contains a native WP gallery, this can be opened inside Essential Grid’s lightbox.

Click here to learn how to create/add a WP Media Gallery for your post
1.2 Custom Grids
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Step 1. Choose "Featured Image" as the Grid's main "Media Source".
Step 2. Add a new Item based on the type of content you wish to show inside the lightbox
Step 3. Setup the Custom Grid Item.
YouTube, Vimeo & HTML5 Video

2. Enable Lightbox in Grid

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After setting up your lightbox content, select the source types (#1) from your Grid's "Lightbox" tab.

Prioritize your selections by dragging the sources on top of one another (#2) with your mouse.  For the example screenshot to the right…

If a YouTube Video ID exists, show the YouTube Video.

Otherwise, if a Featured Image exists, show the Featured Image.

Otherwise, if the post contains an image in its main content, show the First Content Image.

  • Quick Tip:
    To show images for Custom Grids, choose "Featured Image" selection.

3. Setup Link to Lightbox

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From the plugin's main admin page, choose "Edit Skin".
Next, select or add an element from the "Item Layout", and then apply the settings shown in the following screenshot.