Import and Setup Demo Grids

  • Before getting started...
    Some quick notes about the difference between a regular grid and the imported demos:
A traditional Essential Grid consists of:

An Imported Demo Grid consists of:

From the "Import/Export" page, select the "Import Full Demo Data" button
Next, visit the Essential Grid overview page to view the list of newly imported grids.
Use the pagination options toward the bottom-right to view all newly imported grids.
Find a demo you'd like to work with. And then review what type of post options are being used by examining one of the Ess Grid Posts being pulled into the Grid.
Next, create a new regular blog post, or edit an existing one with the same type of setup.
And then change the demo grid's post-source from "Ess. Grid Posts" to the category from your regular blog post.
And then save(1) and refresh(2) the Grid.
Final Result: