Grid Item Display Order

Customize the order of your grid items.

From the Nav-Filter-Sort tab:
Scroll to the "Sorting" section, and select an option from the "Start Sorting By" drop-down menu.
  • Quick Note:
    This sorting option applies to a Custom Grid.
From the Custom Grid Preview:

Drag and drop the items next and above each other by moving them with your mouse (#1).  Or swap the item with the one directly to the right or left (#2).  Or move an item an x amount of spots forward (#3).

From the Essential Grid "Meta Data Handling" page, select "Add New Meta".
Give the new meta a name and handle, and then choose "Text" for the "Type" (#1), and "Numeric" for the "Sort Type" (#2).
Next, visit each of your post's "Essential Grid Custom Settings" section, and assign a number to the new Custom Meta.

The number entered will then be used for the custom grid item order.  For example, a post with number “1” would appear first in the grid, “2” would appear second, etc.

Next, visit your grid's Nav-Filter-Sort tab:
and from the "Sorting" section, choose your new Custom Meta for the "Start Sorting By" option, and then choose "Ascending" for the "Sorting Order".