Global Settings

Adjust advanced options inside the plugin's Global Settings.
The Global Settings page can be found from the plugin's main menu.

1. View Plugin Permissions

Choose which User-roles are allowed to access the Essential Grid admin

2. Advanced Tooltips

Enable/Disable mouse-hover tooltips for Admin options

3. Wait for Fonts

Only load Essentials Grids once the Google Fonts have loaded first.

4. Output Filter Protection

Useful for combating situations where themes are running filters over the page's content and subsequently breaking the Grid's HTML content.

5. JS to Footer

Choose to load the Grid's core scripts in your web page's footer.

6. Select Lightbox Type

Use Social Gallery or JackBox as an alternative lightbox.

7. WP Gallery Default Grid

Automatically convert your traditional WP Galleries to Essential Grids. Check out this narrated screencast for a full demonstration.

8. Use Own Caching System

Enable enhanced caching as described here.

9. Set Query Type Used

Choose to fetch posts using WP_Query() or get_posts()

10. Enable Debug Log

Enabling this option will add console traces to the browser's web inspector for assistance with troubleshooting issues.

11. Enable Custom Post Type

Hide the Ess Grid Example Posts Custom Post Type whose normal function is for importing the demos.

10. Enable Page/Post Options

Hide the Essential Grid Custom Settings section on your posts and pages.