Activate your copy of Essential Grid

After installing and activating the plugin, you'll see the following message:

When you register your copy of Essential Grid:

  • You’ll gain access to automatic updates
  • You’ll be eligible for Premium Support from our Support Center

To register, visit the plugin's main admin page, and click the orange box.

Next, to gather your registration information, visit

1. Username

This is the username you chose when you created your Envato (aka CodeCanyon) account.

2. Envato API Key
2.1 Visit your CodeCanyon account settings page:
2.2 Scroll down the page, and click "API Keys".
2.3 Give your API Key a Label (can be anything), and then click "Generate API Key".
2.4 Copy the generated API key to your computer's clipboard.

3. Purchase Code:

3.1 Visit this page, and next to where Essential Grid is listed, click "Download -> License Certificate".
3.2 Then open the purchase receipt, and inside, copy the Purchase Code:

After gathering this information, enter it into the plugin's registration section, and click the "Activate" button:

And then the section will change to the color green, which means you've successfully registered your copy of Essential Grid.